Who is going to benefit from this app?

Im going to work tomorrow morning and want a great look to go with my new outfit…what are my options in this weather? “

I have an important date tonight, I checked and it’s going to rain — always a disaster with my hair!  What can I do?”

” Im a singer and songwriter, I perform all over the country, from Los Angeles to Boston to Miami. I want my hair look great, no matter where I’m on stage…and I want to know what to expect in the next city!”

I‘m a hairstylist, and my clients are busy women, in the spotlight. I do their looks for all kinds of occasion — stage, parties, award shows. I have to make sure they going to look the best in any weather …That’s my job!”

I‘m an 18 years college student ! There is a guy I like in my class, and it’s important to me that when I see him, m hair looks great…help!

travel all over the country and Europe for business — different weather conditions everywhere. I need to know what should I pack ,and what’s should I expect with my hair!”
 “My hair is curly in some climates, frizzy in others. Can you recommend what to carry in my purse for a quick change of look when the weather changes on me?!” 

Free Version Features

(Created for the most common hair type)

  • 100% free
  • Illustration of daily DIY hairstyle will appear on the screen
  • General description of today’s look for users to recreate at home in 5min
  • Looks automatically update each day at 2am
  • User Profile allows user to type in city, state, country of location(s)
  • User may save up to four cities that she frequents or travels
  • Options to change units of measures ( US, World,UK )
  • “Social” tab: User will have options to connect to Facebook, Instagram (@hairweather) and Twitter(#hairweather)
  • “Share” the daily look (Hairweather homepage) via social media like Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, Flicker, Tumblr or email.
  • “BF” (Best Friend) tab provides advice on important accessories or information of the day
  • “search” from home screen
  • refresh button
  • tutorial for screen functions